MagPi Innovations

With MagPi Innovations, we offer innovation at its finest for our consumers and help build long relationships with our state of the art products and services.

* Consulting: We have helped startups from idea to revenue. We consult on business development, commercialization, leadership development, marketing, research & development, and startup ecosystem development. 

* FieldMAK: This is our flagship innovation and allows tests to be done with lower cost, experience, and time. We offer many tests that are over 100x smaller, over 10x more economical, and far simpler to use than competitors. We are constantly developing new modules for our FieldMAK line. Contact us if you need something custom-engineered for your needs.

* Firearm Accessories: We offer custom, 3D-Printed, and laser engraved accessories at lower prices than our competitors. We use a 3D Printer to help engrave and design logos for custom gun grips and accessories for you gun. Contact us if you need something custom-designed for your needs.